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9 weeks pregnant, to early to experience symptoms?

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I am 9 weeks pregnant, I've been nauseous/throwing up, boobs have hurt off and on, and I've had mood swings, is it to early to experience all this? When I told a friend I was hormonal my husband said I wasn't far enough along to be hormonal, when I said I had morning sickness he said I wasn't far enough along to have that either. I know every pregnancy is different but is it really to early to be hormonal or have morning sickness?

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im 10 weeks today and i have morning sickness mood swings cravings sore boobs and i did with my first pregnancy its normal
I had morning sickness (actually all day sickness) from about 6 weeks and all though the first trimester. You could feel symptoms at 9 weeks for sure. Ginger ale and crackers helps a little with nausea. Good luck.
Nope, the fun has just begun! I had "morning sickness" from about 8 weeks to 15 weeks. I agree with crackers, eat something like saltines or other bland crackers before you get out of bed. That helped a little for me. Good luck!
In my case I was having morning sickness when I was eight weeks, unfortunately I'm 7 months and I'm still throwing up on and off. My advice to you is don't listen to other people, listen to your body and get water crackers every time you feel nauseated.Good Luck!
Thanks everyone. I feel better knowing I'm not going nuts.
Your not going nuts :) All women's hormones are different. I started getting sick around 8 weeks until my third tri. It was horrible. Now we're trying for another one and I hope its different.
You are so not are just pregnant.  Welcome to the Mommy club.  It's funny how husbands feel they have the in on a topic like this....LOL....just hang in there.  Everyone is different, but you should be feeling much better by 12-16 weeks.  All the best..Mom of five 

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