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9 Year Old Daughter Gets Upset Over EVERYTHING...

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My 9 year old is making her self miserable. Everything little things upsets her. She won't even go to parties because she says someone will just make her mad. I've tried to explain she needs to learn to ignore little things. If one of the neighbor kids asks her a question more than once (even if she is being a brat and not answering on purpose) then it sets her off and everything that anyone has ever done to her starts getting brought up. Tonight we were at a Halloween party and I had to leave because she got upset over the kids arguing over who was in line to play a game. It's gotten to the point I don't even let her go places because it is ridiculous she acts like she does. I have tried being sympathetic - I have tried punishments - nothing helps. I am pulling my hair out dealing with this. She absolutely can not allow herself to have fun doing anything. Does anyone know what I can do to change her behavior. I am lost...

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I feel how you feel my 9 year old was always upset she cryed herself to sleep I was hoping it was only about something simple that I can fix. Not a boy or a friend. I just watched her for over a month. Her chest seemed to get bigger. Her butt kept squeezing and she was holding it I asked her if she would like to go shopping she said yes. I played happy songs on the way there. I asked her if she would like a bra she said sure. We have leather seats and she got up out of the car I looked back and I saw some blood! We went to the bathroom, I had the talk with her in the stall ( we were in the same stall) I gave her a pad and we went to justice. I gave Addie 3 sizes of training bras, 26, 28, 30. She fit best in the 28. She went out picked a couple then started to cry I was confused! Then she said I want the padded ones! I said okay we'll get one. She shouted they don't have it in my size! I was broken inside I took off her shirt and placed my hands on her boobs and she asked me to stop but I couldn't. Because I had to show her her breasts aren't that big. She went out and grabbed all size 30 bras. When I said every I ment every. Every sport, training, soft cup, bralette, strappy, and cupped. She put on a size 30A cupped bra. There was alot of padding for her. But she liked it and she stoped crying. I would do anything to keep my kids happy so I let her get 10 bras. I know what's a lot but it's worth it I let her get any bra she wanted. Then we passed Vitoria secret. She saw bras. She ran in and grabbed a bomb shell bra but it on and said mommy it fits I had to say baby no I can't. That made her happy though so just try to get your child a padded bra. They won't wear it they'll just wear it once to show off then they'll forget about it and wear it when they acually grow boobs.

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