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add medcidine

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babby is unfocusd, babby is allways craying can babby tke my aderul? babby is destriccted im worried about babby. babby is fusturating.

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First of all, it's spelled B-A-B-Y. And no, your baby cannot take your adderal. If you have concerns about your baby's behavior you need to talk to your pediatrician. Babies, especially very young babies, do not have very long attention spans. They don't focus on thing for too long.Please, please, please get some parenting books or take some parenting classes so that you know what to expect from your child.
NO, your baby can NOT have your adderal. If your baby doesn't focus it's because it's a baby. Like V said babies have short attention spans, untill your child is older nothing can make it focus.
I can't hardly read this question....  But everyone is right, babies can't have adult medications.... no matter what.  Babies don't have an attention span, even toddlers don't.  Talk to the doctor or medical professional for your BABY, and get some education about how to care for your child.  
the unly book i need on perenting is the bibble lol ;)
lso i think ur rong, its sed babe-bee so 2 bee sounds
Seriously, Im 16 As Well & Im Having A Baby Boy & I Spell Better Than You..Not To Be Mean Or Start A Problem But You Should Read Parenting Book's Because They Can Tell You What 2 Expect & Even Answer Some Of The Question's You Have!?..Yeah It's Good To Love Jesus EveryOne Does! But You Need 2 Worry About The Health Of Your NewBorn..Look Im Young & I Know My Right's 4rm My Wrong's If You Need 2 Talk Im Here 4 You..,I Don't Want To Start AnyThing Cause Come-On Were Mommy's Now Our Babies Are All We Need To Worry About & OurSelves You Know Just Saying:) Ok..
I'm not wrong. You are a teenager who needs to stay in school. You clearly cannot spell very well at all. Use a dictionary.And the Bible, however great it may be, does not offer real information regarding parenting or how children behave. You are in serious need of parenting classes. It is obvious you don't know much about how to safely raise a child.
VforVenture-Your Right V The Bible Is Great But That's Not Gonna Help Raise The Baby At All Im In School & Doing Good Trying To Finish More Credit's So i Won't That Much To Do When I Have My Son & Come Back 2 School Look,Just Take Some Classes It Won't Kill You To Try! You Might Even Like Them!
i dun go 2 shol i m a full tim mommie ~~~~<3 n my mom knoes evrything abt raising abby, she rase me n al my bros an siss
I am not trying to judge you okay, but it is spelled B-A-B-Y and your spelling is hard to read. I also think it would be good for your to take parenting classes, Like jessica16 said, you might like it. The bible is great, but I think a parenting book would help you. I am not trying to say your a bad parent, we all make mistakes and I'll be the first one to admit that I am no where near being a perfect parent, but thats the thing. We all need a little help sometimes, and theres no shame in taking classes or reading a few books on babies or being a parent. They might answer a few of your questions.


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