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advice for diaper rash so severe it bleeds and she screams constantly

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bright red rash with raised bumps and bleeding at diaper changes. she screams at the top of her lungs when changed and it is so painful she cries when she trys to sit down.

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could this be more than diaper rash? maybe she is allergic to something- the diapers, wipes, maybe the rash cream you use?Can she run around without a diaper for a bit after changing her? Often letting a child "air out" before putting back in a diaper can help.I would talk to the pediatrician about her maybe being allergic to something...
I've been there myself. Our Pediatrician recommended Lotrimin & Cortisone 1% on the red areas every other diaper change (because it's a type of fungal infection). The medicine stings, but works pretty quickly.
When my son had one this bad the peditrician reccomending using water to wash his back side, so put his bottom under a running focet and try not to rub his bottom.  The doc also reccomending using vacoline and not those bottom pastes or diaper rash creams, they tend to be too thick and in turn making you almost need to scrub his bottom.  Also allow the baby to lay with no diaper on a few times a day, for up to 15 minutes if you can get him to do it.  These tricks worked best for us, and I haven't used the bottom paste or diaper rash creams since, and Ayden hasn't had a diaper rash since. Just a thought give it a try.
If you haven't already, I'd see your daughter's dr just to rule out any other potential problems.  I do know that Aquaphor is one of the best diaper rash ointments out there.  My daughter's dr and many others recommended it.  It also works well for other skin problems (i.e. eczema).  It has worked great for us, and isn't pasty and sticks to the skin.  In fact, it helps the diaper not stick to those areas.I hope it goes away soon and your daughter feels better quickly.
I would also suggest looking into it further to see about allergies to food, or milk, etc.  Maybe she's allergic to the diapers or cream you are using?  The diapers out there are filled with chlorine and the gel stuff in them. I'd try using the natural ones.I've been using Earth's Best diapers and wipes as they are chlorine free and the wipes are natural as well and don't have all the chemicals so many others have.  Also I use triple paste diaper cream, which is also a healthier alternative to the other creams on the market.  My son has only had a couple bad diaper rashes and that stuff is like a miracle!  By his next diaper change, or 2 after at most, it's all gone.  The Earth's best diapers aren't that much more and for girls especially I think it's even better for girls with what's in the diapers.  So I'd highly recommend that route.Poor baby girl and poor Mommy.  Hope she gets better soon.  :(
i have dealt with my fair share of severe diaper rashes, so i understand what your dealing with. i took my daughter to the doc and was given a prescription ointment. let her run around without a diaper on as much as possible. change diaper brands, stop using wipes. when she's poopy, try using a bit of baby oil and warm water to clean her up. the oil helps to soothe the area.
The first thing to do with a rash that severe is to go to your childs dr & have him help you check or rule out an allergy (allergies.) If your child isnt allergic to anything id suggest doing what my mother in law told me to do. My son would get diaper rashes so bad & red & sore I swear his butt could glow in the dark & be a traffic light. She told me to not use wipes when i changed him (at least not while he has the rash) then run him a warm bath & sprinkle baking soda all in the water. Let your child play for a while, i chose 30 mins. Then after the bath let your child air out for a while. Then when its time to put a diaper back on spread A&D all over the rash & even get a little past the edges of it to make sure its completely covered. then sprinkle baby powder all over the top til the A&D is completely covered. I only had to do this on my son a few times & his rash was all gone! & hes hardly gotten rashy since then & when he does get a rash its VERY small & minor.
my daughter is 14 months old and recently had a rash so bad it looked like it was bleeding. Destin would not work so i called her doctor and she perscribed magic butt and this did not work. I went to my local pharmacey (kroger) and she gave me a product called RESINOL, this worked OVER NIGHT! it is completely gone. Of course i made sure it wasn't a yeast infection. This was a life saver cuz my little one was in so much pain. You don't need a perscription just ask your pharmacist. under 10 dollars

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