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Advice for orchidopexy surgery for undescended testicle?

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We just found out my two year will be having surgery to correct an undescended testicle. I just want to hear from moms who have gone through this procedure with their toddler and how their toddler reacted to it and what the recovery process was like for them. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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My son didn't have the same procedure done but when he was little (3 yrs old) he developed a hernia in that area (can't remember what they called it - it was 7 years ago!).  It cause one of his testicles to become very enlarged and painful.  He went in to have it corrected and we were worried about how he would feel afterward.  He was groggy and had a tiny half inch scar but by that night he was running around.  It's amazing how at that age they can bounce back.  With the technology and lasers they have now surgeries are not like they were when we were kids!   Everyone is different but I think he'll be just fine - better than you can imagine.  Afterward he'll let you know how he feels and what he's up to.  It might be harder to make him take it easy!
Well i have a daughter so i havn't had this problem but all i can tell you is good luck!
Thanks everyone, I definitely feel much better about it now. The doctor listed so many things that he shouldn't do for 4 weeks that I think I focused too much on that and made myself think it'd be worse than it actually will be. I know she's doing two incisions, one in his groin area and one in the scrotum so hopefully it won't be too bad. I just hope he does ok with the anesthesia.Also, @hyperheath3 how did they come to the conclusion to have the circumcision corrected? My 7 month old seems to still have a lot of extra skin even after having his done at birth. The pediatrician keeps saying to wait it out and that it will fix itself as he grows but I'm really worried about it and would rather not wait to have it corrected...maybe I should bring him to the urologist too just to get another opinion.

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