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Advice for potty training 3 girls at one time

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I have twin 4 year olds and a 3 year old. We have 1 bathroom and I am home with them alone all day. They get the basics but, if I push too hard or try to just put them in panties, they revolt and the house is a "potty" nightmare. Even when their dad is home as well, it seems we would spend all our time in the bathroom. Most of the "tactics" used with just 1 child or even 2 just seem to cause more work that deters from training anyway. 3 children having an accident on the floor, bed or furniture turns our home into a toxic waste dump. I have just taken the attitude that things could be worse, so I don't traumatize them or have a nervous breakdown, but when school does start kids can be not so nice if you wear a pull up to kindergarden or have an accident.

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For now, keep them in pull ups instead of underwear. The easiest way to get children to potty train is to offer a reward that they want. Sometimes stickers works, but most kids respond well to candy. Just giving an individual m&m or Skittle gets them excited about successfully peeing or pooping in the potty. You should also consider consulting with your pediatrician on this matter since it is not as straightforward as potty training one child.

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