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AF symptoms then no AF, no more symptoms???

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I believe I was ovulating around March 8, which is also when I had unprotected sex with my husband. We have several times through the 14th of March. I was supposed to have AF today the 24th but NOTHING! Not even a little speck of brown discharge. For the last couple of weeks, I have been having dull cramping all over my lower abdomen, which I attributed to ovulation cramping and AF. I was EXTREMELY nauseous yesterday and cried for no reason about that. Today, no symptoms at all. It is like a switch turned off. For the last week, I have been having thick creamy discharge with no foul smells. I went away this last weekend (15-18th) and had really bad motion sickness. Really bad gas for the last several days, and the last time I had a BM was the 19th or so. My breasts do not feel overly big, they normally are though. Severe backache, crazy sexual dreams, headache, and none of this is normal for AF for me at least. I normally get a little discharge a day or so before AF but it starts white and goes brown, some backache and some cramping. It is possible my period is just irregular but has not been to my knowledge. I stopped birth control in January, and my LMP was January 26th and then I used a calculator to estimate my next period in Feb., etc. But I do not have any more symptoms at all, except eating a lot. Is there a good chance I could be pregnant? I peed on a stick or two and they both said no. But I am new at this...Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!!

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You're only one day late. Wait at least a week before you jump to any conclusions. Even if you conceived when you think you might have, it's too early for most e women to be experiencing pregnancy symptoms. Hormonal fluctuations are normal and would explain the symptoms you've been having. So would just thinking you could be pregnant. Give yourself some more time. If you don't get your period in a week, take a pregnancy test.

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