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After having my daughter 7 months ago...I'm constantly angry. Help!

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Hi I had my daughter Isabella Rose 7 months ago. After having her I have become really angry and sadden by a lot of things. My husband get most of this anger even when I know I shouldn't be yelling at him I do. I don't want to cuddle up to him at night and he's really starting to get mad back and worried about our relationship. We don't know whats wrong with me...we just want our marriage to go back to the way it was. So please help if anyone has had this problem before...and what you did to get back to normal.

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I would talk to your doctor. It sounds like you're having hormonal issues, and possibly some post partum depression. You have to see your doctor in order to get this kind of thing under control.
I just went today...and he said yes it was post partum depression...Has me started on medication today!...I hope it works.
It should. Lots and lots of women go through this, so don't feel bad. Make sure you stay in contact with your doctor and mention any side effects you may have from the medication, especially if you feel like things get worse. Sometimes it can take a little trial and error to find the right one.
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