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after having sex the sperm comes out of the vigina immediately.

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is it normal or are we doing it wrong?

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That's gravity working. :) Some women find if they elevate their hips for a while it helps. It also helps if you orgasm during or after orgasm causes you to draw up the semen deeper into your cervix (like the fast track to your egg).
ur not doing it wrong lol if sperm is comming then ur doing something right lol that happens to me to ..just dont get up right away or have a towel handy..if ur trying to get pregnant deff elevate ur hips and lay there for a few mins and give his swimmers a chance to get where they gotta go !
Elevation and gravity all help in the progress!!!!
It is very normal. Even though it seems like it is all coming back out it is not. Try putting a pillow under your hips and don't get up right away. It has worked 3 times for me.
I had the same question, and I dared ask my doctor, and that's what he told me: it's just the fluids that come back out, the little swimmers are way up your cervix by the time you get up. Gravity, mechanical "sucking in" (like orgasms) and position have nothing to do with increasing your chances of conception whatsoever. And this because the sperms start off with some momentum already, plus the cervical mucus "attracts" them. So, don't worry about lifting up your pelvis, waiting before getting up or any of that - I didn't and got pregnant with the 3rd attempt. It's just a bit messy, that's all. :o)
Hi im noreen morry. Im only 19. And i am 6 days delayed with my period.. Me and my bf are almost 10 months of doing the intercourse without contraceptives. And when we were having sex we make sure that the sperm are being tossed out the vagina.. Is it still possible to get pregnant?

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