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after how long do you check to see if your pregnant?

3 answers
how long do you pass untill you check and see if your pregnant?

answers (3)

I just found out I was pregnant 2 days ago, which made me 4 1/2 weeks along... I was late on my period by 2 days and I had a feeling, and the tests I took turned out positive right away, there was no waiting 3 minutes for me! So I went to the doctor and it was right, I'm pregnant... So I'm not sure about earlier that 4 weeks.. but if you're late on your cycle, just take a test.. It won't hurt to know..
Just take a test, depending on your level of estrogen and hormones results can be shown before your missed period. Besides it is better to know and start taking the prenatals then not to know. Good Luck!
Its like 2 weeks after conception or something like that. Just take the test. If its negative, you can always take another.

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