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After I breast feed for a couple months it is ok to feed milk?

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I am going to breast feed my baby for a couple months but I was wondering if it is ok to feed the baby milk after breast feeding or if it is to early.

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Cows milk I would not reccomend until 1 year. Formula on the other hand can be fed, I wouldnt reccomend feeding formula until you are done breastfeeding though, it can cause your supply to go down. (Unless of course you Have to supliment which can happen)
No, you cannot give a baby cows milk uafter they are at least a year old. If you are planning on breast feeding for a couple of months, why not go longer? If it works, why change to something that isn't as good? Breastmilk is what is best for your baby. Formula is ok, but breast milk is best. If you have to go back to work you can pump. breastfeeding didn't work with my last baby and I pumped exclusively. By about six months in I had enough of an oversupply that I was able tto store enough to last until she was a year old. Sure, it was a bit more of a hassle than formula, but it was what was best for her.
Breast milk or formula until after the kiddo is at least a year old...
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