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Air travel with an infant.

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I have a 10 month old, and we are getting ready to go on an airplane. He still drinks out of a bottle, so I am bringing the premixed formula. Any tips on how to make this go as painless as possible???

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Try to time the bottle feeding with take-off and landing. It will help reduce ear popping with the associated discomfort and crying.Lori
Also, bring a few extra outfits for you and baby in case the worst happens. I always tried to time the flight to around naptime, too. Ear popping is the worst thing, but make sure they drink during these events or sucks on a pacifier.
I consider myself a SEASONED infant traveler (having flown abroad multiple times with an infant, a toddler, a toddler AND infant, and sometimes by myself!) These are a few things I have learned:Security: Ask if there is a family line. This helps alleviate the pressure of people waiting behind you - a family line is designed to be slower. Also, they are WAY more lax on liquid regulations if you have a baby. So I always brought a bottle of apple juice and two of filtered water to mix with formula.On airplane: Just get it through your head that you will not be doing anything YOU want to be doing - reading, listening to music, etc. You will literally be catering to your child the ENTIRE flight. This makes it easier for the passengers around you, and actually helps keep yourself calm.Baggage: I always brought a diaper bag for under the seat with all the basic necessities and a backpack of extra necessities. You ALWAYS want to plan for some bizarre overnight stay - JUST IN CASE. This includes an extra shirt for you, two extra outfits for the baby, extra diapers, formula, wipes, baby food, finger food, food for you, bottles, etc. In the diaper bag I always had the bottle of apple juice and water readily available. Also, stewardesses are VERY helpful when it comes to babies. They would rinse the bottles out, fill them with more water or apple juice (whichever I asked).Also, ALWAYS bring an extra blanket or two. Some airplanes can be REALLY cold and the blankets are useful for propping sleeping babies.If you have an extra seat - BRING THE CARSEAT. It helps keep your hands free. If you don't have an extra seat, I always brought my baby bjorn and strapped the infant to me. That way I had both hands free to use if I needed. I have flown both with and without my baby bjorn and REALLY prefer to have the bjorn...even just in case.The previous comments are VERY true - time the bottles with take off and landing to eleviate ear popping pain. Also, depending on the baby - you can give them half of a childrens dramamine to help them remain calm.This is probably a little overboard for this post, but hopefully this will help!! :D Good luck - and just remember....the flight will end...eventually! :D

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