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an akward question

3 answers
my husband wasnt paying attention to me then we had sex after we had sex he wants it wanna the time and sex kida hurts for me im preggo it cant feel that good but he wants to try oral and anal i dont know what i should do

answers (3)

go oral first... or just hand jobs
i like it but it depends on the person
This is COMPLETELY up to you. If you don't feel comfertable with it - don't do it. If your husband loves you he should understand, it something you two have to talk about. Personally, i'm not fond of anal, but if you decide your okay with doing it get lube! But like I said, its up to you and if you have a good man that loves you he wont push things you don't feel comfertable with, he may be a little disappointed but he'll get over it.

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