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Is this all in my head?

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I have POCS,but I have been losing weight for a while,then all of a sudden,I have back problems, swollen feet and knees along with my belly. I have taken regular pregnancy tests before and they always come up negative. I would ask my older sister (she had her baby on October 24,2009) but the first thing that she says is "its all in your head,you cant possibly be pregnant." Should I go to the doctor to take a blood test? What should I do?!?!?!

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You should go for a sonogram or ultrasound to be FOR SURE.
First I personally would tell your sister off. That is so rude of her to be so unsupportive and rude when this is such a serious subject. You can get pregnant if you have PCOS its just harder because you don't ovulate as often if you don't have regular periods. So it IS possible for you to be pregnant. I would definitely go to the dr and see what they can tell you because they are the only ones with a for sure answer. Good luck sweetie! :)
im now 25 weeks pregnant with number one :) a healthy little boy. i have had many doctors tell me that it would be almost impossibule for me to get pregnant without some kind of help. but little did i know i was on bc to help get everything  regulated and missed a couple of days. six weeks later and a couple of positive tests and i got to see the look on my doctors face as he told me i was pregnant( he was one of the many)

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