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Alone all them time.

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I am a stay at home mom. A job I did not choose to do. I grew up in a home where both paretns worked. I have worked outside the house since I was 15 up until I was 22 when I got laid off. My husband works from 6pm to 6 am, his days off he "helps" at his dad's farm. I find myself alone all the time. I depended sololy on him for everything and find myselves begging him for money for clothes, or anything else I need or time outside of the house in which I am still bring the 2 kids with me. I am currently pregnant with baby #3 which has helped bring up my depression again. I suffured from it after the first 2 children but getting away from the house and kids to go to work helped that. I know that I have put myself in this situation. I have reached out to my husband and all I get is a response of get over it. I am afraid. I feel stuck and helpless. I feel worthless and not important enough for anything. He was not like this till I started depending on him. I don't know what to do. How to get him to see how I am hurting. Not sure if he even cares.

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My husband is in the army so i am partly raising my daughter alone. I got a job at dairy queen, My daughter goes to daycare threw summer and when its fall and we aren't as busy my little girl will be going with me to work. I am alone with my daughter and my only help is my parents or sisters. I only work on monday and wenesday so i do get to be home with caitlyn but it is hard and depressing. Family counceling might make you and your husband understand eachother better me and my man had to go to counceling because he acused me of cheating and said that i didn't love him anymore plus he was depressed and at that point needed mental help now we are getting along good but if it wasn't for counceling we might not be. Sorry if spelling,capitalization,periods,commas ect. wasn't correct my computer sucks.
I'm a SAHM by choice, but it's my choice.  Is anyone forcing you to stay home?  Because it sounds like you really need the job, not just for your mental health, but your emotional health, too.  Even what you earn covers the child care expenses and nothing else, you will be so much better off, mentally and emotionally, for having your job and the self-worth that comes from it, you will feel better and BE better. (I'm not saying you're NOT better.  But you sound seriously depressed, and I'm sure that affects everything else and everyone else in your life.) I'm all for moms working, if that's what they want to do.  Please sit your husband down, when he's not too tired or preoccuppied, and tell him what you told us here.  Stress to him that you're going crazy by staying home, and you need a break too.  Good luck.
I am a stay at home Mom by choice. Well, I do work one day a week just because I had worked there for 10 years prior to my baby and it was hard to walk away completely. I took 3 months off before going back the one day and I felt a little lonely at first. My baby was so little I didn't like taking her out and about really, but my best friend also had a newborn and we hung out alot and that helped. Maybe you could find a Mom's group to go hang out with. You can get out of the house and the kids can play together while you get some adult interaction. It wouldn't cost anything if you guy's meet at a park or something and it would be good for you and the kids. Good luck, I hope you find a way to beat the blues!!
I have worked since I was 15 as well. I have never not wanted a job. I took off 12 weeks when I had my daughter, and as hard as it was to go back to work it was the right choice for me. I feel like I am a better mom because I have this "me" time at work. I was starting to get a little grumpy hanging around the house all the time. Claire is at a wonderful daycare two blocks away from my office, which also helps me to not worry about her. I had guilt at first when I returned to work, but I am not cut out to be a SAHM. If I were to be one, though, I think I would need a schedule...some of us crave structure:) I would maybe designate certain days to be "cleaning day", "library day", "park or mall day", "visit family or friends" day. I think having a plan laid out for every week with lots of errands and activites may help you feel better. Our bodies and minds WANT to be active! And maybe it will give you and the kids something to look forward to ("tomorrow is library day! YAY!")Maybe after you have the baby and recover for a few months you can think about getting a part-time job for your own money..if you can find reliable and affordable child care for your little ones.
counseling sounds like a good idea since you have tried to talk to him and he doesn't listen to you. and your mental and emotional health is important to everybody in your family.

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