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Alot of lower cramping! what does it mean?

3 answers
I get alot of lower cramping at all times of the day! it feels like when i would be in my period what does it mean? and can that be hurtful to the baby?

answers (3)

means the babys getting lower and depending on how far along u are it could be a sign of labor..i was having the same pain the other day on and off for about 5-6 hours but it stoppped...if it gets unbearable then i would go get checked wont hurt the baby though
its "round ligament pain". and no its not hurtful to the baby because it IS the baby giving you that pain. I have had pressure against my pelvic bone and pain right in the bikini area. My doctor said it is normal pain and that I am feeling it earlier this time then in my last pregnacy. (I started getting it 13 weeks)
I experienced period type cramps my entire pregnancy and never stopped worrying about it. However, nothing was wrong with the baby and my doctor thinks that it could be linked to my endometriosis. I filled a sock with rice and microwaved it for a minute and applied it to my back, once it was only just a little warm I would place it on my tummy. This helped me more then anything. 

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