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Always waking up on my back! 18 weeks.

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I have read over and over again that you are not supposed to sleep on your back while pregnant because it can cut off blood flow to the baby, in fact even my doctors have told me not to. I fall asleep every night on my side, and I always wake up on my back! I know its my unconscious state so its kinda hard to change, but any tips on how to stay on your side while your sleeping?

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I would recommend buying a boppy pregnancy pillow, it can be wrapped in a U shape that supports your belly and back and prevents you from rolling over.
One thing that you need to get in mind is yes it decreases the blood flow to your baby when on your back. But as you are only 18 weeks there's not as much pressure and blockage as there will be end the end of your pregnancy. The other thing is that you will grow very uncomfortable and change positions. So there's no need to worry. Do what you can to fall asleep on your side and don't worry about how you wake up. It's the same thing if you sleep on your tummy, there will come a point where you can't and your body will not do it anymore.
I am just about 34 weeks now and I still find myself waking up on my back. I have talked to my doctor and while he did say it does decrease blood flow to your baby...its not that big of a deal. My friend is also pregnant (25 weeks) and she still sleeps on her stomach a lot. Don't stress about it too much. I don't sleep on my back mostly because I can hardly breath because of the weight pushed on my lungs. like mommaduck said...when it gets uncomfortable, you won't do it as much. 

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