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Am I possibly pregnant?

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Okay I have a daughter and shes one. So, I am so not ready for another kid. I got the depo in June and my period came on time every month but stayed on longer than usual. So finally my next shot was due in Sept. and I decided one shot was enough for me. I did not like the shot so I did not get the next one. So, OCtober my period came on on time as usual, which is the 23rd and lasted a little longer. So, I had unprotected sex, a few days after that period which was crazy and I figured since my period stays on longer, I ovulate later. So, Nov 23rd was when my period was suppose to come, and it did not. I thought okay its coming because I was cramping badly. But it never did. So, I am like 12 days late. I am still thinking any day I can get my period because of the sudden cramping. Could I be pregnant? Or could this be the shot? Im scared..

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The only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. Depo seriously messes with women's hormones, so it's possible that you are experiencing side effects from that. But really, you have to take a test. If your period is 12 days late you should be able to get an accurate result from a home test. If it comes out negative and you still don't get your period, wait a few days to take another one, and/or see your doctor to figure out what might be going on.
its very possible that you are pregnate....
When I stopped the depo, it created an ovarian cyst, which explained my severe cramping. I would see a doctor, it severely messed me up. Nothing to worry about though because take the oral pill it what fixed it for me! Good luck!!

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