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Am i pregant

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I have a calendar that keeps track of my period and for the last 3 months my period has been coming the first of the month but this month my calendar says i am 15 days late and my period was suppose to start on the 1st but never came then again it says i will have another period on the 27 of the same month. My period has never been this late i took 2 pregance test and both were negative i have not been stressing any more than normal. But i get cramps almost everyday now they last for about 30 secs really sharp pains sometimes when im laying down i dont feel it to i sit up. My breast are not swollen but there more tender than normal. And i have a weird white discharge from my lady parts. I dont want to take anymore test im trying to wait for the 27th and see if it comes. Can anyone tell me if i could be pregant or not

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