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am i pregnant

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i miss my birth control shot nd i had sex after dat two tymes unprotected sex i wnna kne could i be pregnant i post too got da shot on da 3 of dis month nd didnt i had unprotected sex da day i post got da shot nd again on da 6 so could i be pergnant

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Yes, you could definitely be pregnant.If you were due around the 14th, that means your earlier days of unprotected sex (the 5th and 6th) would have fallen around the time that you'd be expected to ovulate, but you could have ovulated later and gotten pregnant on any of those days you mentioned. I hope you know that pulling out isn't very good at preventing pregnancy.You MIGHT be able to get an accurate test by now, but it couldn't hurt to wait another week or so--your negative test might have been too early to tell. I would recommend going to see a doctor if you really need to find out right away and be totally sure.
Yes, you could definitely be pregnant
thanks so much for your opinions. i just talked to my fiance today and he thinks i am pregnant too but i am hoping my period is irregular............. should i wait another week or so to go to the clinic or should i go now and just tell the doctor my situation? i think the reason why i am procrastinating is because i am waiting till i sart experiencing some morning sickness. i dont want to get myself to excited about this because then my body can start giving me false readings. idk ?????????????
u could deff be prego but if u r, u concieved in jan..u ovultae 14 days after the first day of ur period so if ur period was on 1/11 u would have ovulated on jan 25.. if u took a test and it came back neg  i would wait a week and take another test..if u still didnt get it and it came back neg i would get a bloood test..and u know that pulling out doesnt mean u wont get pregnant right?
I don't know the only way to find out is with a pregnancy test.
No one on the internet is going to be able to tell you if you are pregnant.  You can take an OTC pregnancy test as soon as you've passed the point where you SHOULD have had a period.  If you don't trust the test, or you're not sure when your next period was due, go and see your doctor and they can run a blood test.
Only a home pregnancy test or a blood test from your doctor will be able to tell you if you are pregnant. Whether you are pregnant or not you should see a doctor if you are craving non-food items. Wanting to eat glue or light bulbs is not normal and could be a sign of a serious health condition.
I think you sound pregnant. 
The only way to know if you're pregnant is to take a pregnancy test.Also, this is unrelated to pregnancy, but you should learn how to spell properly.
If you got your period and the flow and duration are normal, chances are good you are not pregnant. Since you have a history of irregular periods, you should see your doctor for confirmation one way or another and to get advice on how to go about getting pregnant.


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