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Am I Pregnant?

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I had sex July 13th and 14th. I do not have periods but i ovulate every two weeks. Weird i know... But he didnt use protection nor did he pull out, i am unsure if i was ovulating at the time. It all was a "spur of the moment" i wasnt checking lol on the 13th i was having EXTREME cramping to the point i was crying. NEVER had that before. Then decided again to have it on the 14th lol had very light cramps but went away. About 5-6 days after words i began having LOTS of pressure in my uterus and cramps, almost like i was about to get my period. Then i became extremely nauseated and hated foods, all kinds lol then i became VERY VERY tired, i literally slept all day and then had some extreme back pain and cried just when someone touched me. My boobs are a little sore but not noticeable until touched. That all lasted for about a week almost 2 weeks. Then had a little bit of spotting and then went away. All my symptoms subsided and now im starting to get crampy and extremely tired and extreme back pain again. Ive taken a test every week and so far all negatives. Could I be pregnant? Im getting impatient lol

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