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Am I pregnant? I need someone's help.

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Okay, here's the sitch. I had sex with my boyfriend June 25th. Unprotected. I'm on birth control, but I had missed that night. About a week later, I bled. I thought it was my period but it only lasted about day. Well, when it was really time for my period, I missed it completely. No worries, right? Wrong. I hadn't thought of pregnancy at all until the sides of my breasts began to hurt. It's not constant. They hurt off and on. So I took a test and it came out with A FAINT FAINT, BARELY NOTICABLE POSITIVE. But it was there. So am I pregnant? My tummy has been grumbling and rumbling constantly. I know your going to say I need to see a doctor-which I will. But I would like to know what your opinions are first. I would only be about four or five weeks. And I already feel as if my belly is showing. Please help me with your opinons. I could use every detail of symptoms. Thank you so much, Taylor.

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Your belly could be bloated because your period is coming. BUT you could also possibly be. Wait at least three days after the last test you took to take another test. All pregnancy signs could be a result of being paranoid. And if you miss taking the pill once, you will be unprotected for about a week so use condoms too.
With this pregnancy and my last one, my only symptoms were being more of a b*tch than usual. So I can't really help you there. And usually it takes about til 12 weeks to show depending on your body type.
I agree the belly thing is probably bloating.  I haven't known anyone to start showing after only four or five weeks.  Try taking another pregnancy test.  I have always had very regular periods so I was able to confirm with a pregnancy test 4 days after my missed period.
well I don't think you would be showing already if you are. Home pregnancy tests check for the chemical HCG in your urine each test  can determine if you are pregnant if you have a certain amount (different brands have a different number),A faint line usually means yes you are pregnant but probably quite early and not a huge amount of hcg. I would reccommend you wait a week and try again. if you are preg the line should be darker this time.

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