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Am I pregnant or is something else wrong?

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I am going on my 9th day being late, I am a fairly regular person my period comes like clockwork every 15th of the month. I've spent about $60 in home pregnancy tests and so far they all have said "not pregnant". However, I am nauseous a lot and I am going to the bathroom more frequently than usual. Am I just getting my hopes up about being pregnant? Does it usually take this long to find out? And when should I give up and believe that I may not be pregnant?

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I forgot to note that my last period was on Jan. 15...
There are all sorts of reasons why you might have missed your period. Stress, weight loss, and so many other things can have an effect on your hormones. If you think you might be pregnant you should see your doctor for a blood test. But, you're probably just psyching yourself out. A few months after my first baby was born I was absolutely convinced that I was pregnant. I missed my period, was nauseous, etc. It turns out I wasn't pregnant and that I was just stressed.

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