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Am I pregnant or is something wrong? (extremely detailed)

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August 22-23, 2013 I woke up the morning of August 22 with my underwear soaked in what I thought was a period, went to the restroom and wiped it was a lot of EWCM like fluid with brown in it, this is somewhat normal so I put in a tampon and did not think twice, normally I have to change a tampon every 1-2 hours or it will leak, this is normal, I changed my tampon 4-6 hours later around lunch time and there was only light brown dried blood spots on the tip of the tampon, I assumed I just used a tampon too soon so I blew it off and put another in thinking it was going to really start flowing soon like it normally does, that night i took it out the tampon had light amounts of blood on it, but was not completely or even remotely soaked, I blew it off and put one in before bed, I woke up and that one was covered with EWCM and fresh blood, not as heavy as my normal flow and different in color (not dark, clumpy ect..) it was light and watery excluding EWCM. The whole day went the same as the previous with little to no blood, I didnt even sleep with a tampon the night of the 23rd and woke up and used the restroom and no amounts of blood. So strange I thought to myself, shortest lightest period I've ever had but, it was not later than expected. Then Septmember 1-6 after that I had mild cramping, increased smell, food smelled like farts and pee while cooking, headaches, toothace, i felt drugged i was so sleepy. I wrote this off as ovulation because i only use a period tracker and it was during the time I was guesstimated to ovulate. (i only just started using that because my flow was so short) and i read thats what happens. it is now September 13th and I've been bloated and i haven't stopped feeling that mild cramping in uterus, my vaginal fluid is soaking my underwear, im exhausted, and my nipples are now starting to become sensative, I tested out of curiosity because i never expirience these symptoms especially to a noticable degree during my typical cycle, with the only irregularity is a 4-7 day heavy flow. and it was negative. My boyfriend and i have sex regularly 2-3x a week only using the withdrawl method (also as correctly as we can) I have no STD's, i went to the doctor 3 months prior, i know he hasnt cheated because we never leave the house without each other because we work together. lol no foul odor or discoloration in my fluids. is it possible I am still pregnant or do you think this sounds like cysts? when should I test again?

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Wait a week and test again.

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