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Am i prego?

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As of today i am one week late. my periods have been normal for about 4 months now. I have had morning sickness one time but with my first baby i never got sick. My boobs hurt so bad and they feel like they are getting bigger. I took two home test so far and both were negative. I took a test with my first son and it was positive the first time. I have been real bad moody also. Me and my husband have been trying to have another but is this the month? i'm not sure what to think or do.

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It all sounds like pregnancy symptoms to me but they can also come right before your period. I would go to the dr to see just to be sure. Good luck and hope it turns out how you want it to :)
if ur a week late and home test is comming up neg i would go to the doc to get a blood test just to check ur levels..u may be prego! i hope u get the answer u want!
thank you so much for your answers. i think i will wait at least another week to test again and if thats a negative then i will go to doctor. i feel like i could fall asleep right at a drop of a hat i'm so tired. and my boobs hurt alot worst. i have been going to the bathroom alot more and my nose feels stuffy. i want to be pregnant but i don't want to get my hopes up either. i know this is not in my head because i don't want to feel this bad at all. i just wish i knew what was going on with my body. thanks again
I would say, since yes, you are experiencing not only some, but MOST of the symptoms of pregnancy, you should go see your doctor and have him do a bloodwork analysis to see if you are producing the hGh (human growth hormone.) My hormone level is usually very low as well, I would absolutely suggest going to the doctor, that way you can either know for sure and begin taking prenatal vitamins, or you can figure out why you are experiencing these symptoms if you are not pregnant. I hope this helps!
if you're two months late and having all these symptoms, you need to go to the doc. if you're not pregnant, you can find out what's wrong. if you are pregnant, your child needs to be taken care of. you need prenatal vitamins and you need a sonogram. it's past the point when you should just be wondering.

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