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Am I using the fertility calculator right?

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I have not been using any birth control since July. I track my periods and have a regular always on time 26 day cycle. I always punch in my last period into the fertility calculator and I have been sure to have sex on the first day of being "fertile". I am really wanting to have a girl this time around (I have all boys) and I have read that the best way to conceive a girl is earlier on the fertile days...(??idk how true??) is now November and sure enough I have my period. Am I using the calculator right? Should I be having sex on my fertile days or before my fertile days? Also I dont smoke and I only drink once in a grand while and that is just a glass of wine or two. I excersice and eat healthy too. I can also tell when I ovulate and I have had sex and ovulated the next day a couple times and thought for sure I would end up pregnant and still nothing. This might sound do "odd" since I have 3 boys already so really how hard can it be for me to get pregnant BUT my boys are all about 2yrs and 10 months apart and not fully planned. My first son wasnt prevented but we were not trying, it was more like if it happens it happens if not then its not ment to be yet. My second son I was on the birth control pill and to this day I am not sure what happened but we were so happy!!!!! After my 2nd son we decided to wait a while and when we did start trying again my periods were very messed up and after almost 8 months of trying we gave up. I couldnt track my fertile days bc I couldnt track my periods. I was so stressed out with my body and not being able to get pregnant that we decided to stop trying. My husband and I had sex one time after my period and then he went away on a business trip, when he came back I was sick with a horrible sinus infection and we couldnt have sex bc I was so sick. I ended up on some meds and thought they were causing me to be sick. I went back to the doctors and that is when I found out I was pregnant. So the old saying to stop stressing and just have fun is true BUT we have done that since July and it is now starting to stress me out. I want my last closer in age with my third and I feel like I am back in the battle of "why"???

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I quit taking my b/c pill in august. Me and my husband had sex every day in sept. except when I had my period. I got my period Oct. 2nd. We had sex everyday after my period was over and on Oct 30th when my period was supposed to start nothing. After taking a test tuesday and confirming I am pregnant, I couldnt be happier. This will also be my fourth. I would say just have sex as often as possible. Timing and scheduling add stress and make the process more difficult and less fun. Good luck and keep us posted!Also the ovulation calculator on here was a little off for me so I used the one at! 
Even if you have regular cycles you may not ovulate at the average time. I suggest using the home ovulation tests to know exactly when you're ovulating. 
Also try drinking nettle tea. Apparently it is the no.1 reccomended drink for fertility, for both the male and female.. Everyone in my class was drinking it during class time as it was available and within 11 months, we have all got pregnant.. Some accident and some were trying. Even if it doesn't work, it is extremely good for you!
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