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anal sex

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my husband has been begging me to try anal sex. i'm terrified, due to the fact that he has a very large piercing. it's a prince albert, and it's so big that you could stick a camel wide cigarette through the hole. for those of you that understand gauges, it's a 00 gauge. he's been trying to coax me, because he got some vibrating tongue barbells at his tattoo shop recently. he can fit 5 of them in there. you would need a jack hammer to mimmick what he can put in the end of his pecker. lol. i'm sick of hearing about it. is there anyone out there that has tried anal before? he continues to tell me that it will be ok, because we have plenty off lube, and it won't be that bad as long as i take a good healthy poo before we do the deed.

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i have never tried it but i heard its good
I had never tried it before my I met my boyrfriend 5 years ago. I let him try it a few times and I personally HATED it. It just wasn't very pleasurable for me. I feel bad since he seems to like it so much, but I can't help that I don't get anything from it. However, I have a few friends who love anal sex! Try it once and see if you like it!
The first few times will hurt no matter what. If you are tense at all it will hurt. You have to be relaxed and take it slow. That is the only kind of sex we can have right now since the other way hurts me. Make sure he realizes before you do it that it can only be a once in a while thing or he just may only stick it there for a long time. Good luck!
I'd suggest getting a butt plug (or maybe a smaller one and a slightly larger one) and trying those out first.  Once you are comfortable, it can really be a lot of fun.
Oh, and if he's the one doing the bugging, he should be willing to let you plug his ass too :-).
alright ladies, i'm 23, and my husband is 40. he's a dirty old man, to say the least. he promises to be extra gentle and go slow, but honestly that does not ease my fear.
well i think that if you lube it up and try plugs then it shouldnt hurt to bad and you might really likee it
It's ok to be worried about it... I was really fearful of it too when one of my ex's mentioned it but it turned out to be really great... I've done it with someone with a piercing too and it was even better. But in the end it is all how you feel about it, if you're not comfortable with it then don't do it or it will just end up being a horrible experience
i got the courage to try it i didnt like it because of the pain but you might i think you can try it then stop if you want
I love it.  That is something we do on a regular basis.  go slow with lots of lube at first. Dont forget something for the front!


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