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Angel to Monster

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My 3yr old daughter has recently started to turn from an angel to a monster in a matter of seonds without any warnings. Every child has tantrums but I'm starting to become concerned. Everything will go from nice to disastrous and it usually ends up with us having to restrain her. Today, I had to go into work unexpectedly for 4 hours and had to take my daughter because my husband was already working. She was awesome. I took plenty of movies and toys to keep her occupied. She ended up playing with a coworker’s daughter. Both behaved well with little reminding. They were right there beside us and we interacted with them while we worked. On the way home I praised her for her good behavior and made a quick stop at the grocery store. As I was bringing the last bag of groceries into the house she came up behind me and bit me hard on my back. I spanked her and told her to wait in the living room while I put groceries away. In the middle of putting them away she threw the stool she uses to wash her hands at me. She just started throwing anything she could get her hands on, laughing the entire time. When I thought I had the situation under control I went back to the groceries. She came up behind me and hit me with her stool as hard as she could. I had to fight to get her under control and sent her to her room. These bouts of violence are very disturbing to me. Is this a sign of something more serious?

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I would ask the doctor exactly what that behavior means. I know kids do go through biting and hiting phases and it just may be she wants your attention. I would give her time outs ( one minute per year she is) and maybe take away a favorite toy until she can be good again. Good luck.
sounds like you are doing everything you can to control this. make an appt with her ped, or bring it up at the next visit. if you can block the bite with her own arm causing her to bite herself, that's great. that's the only thing that worked with my daughter, and she's 21 months old. thankfully, she is far past that now.
No she just wants your atttentin to her self dnt have to take control at all times and let your spouse know not to disapline her and then play with her afterawrds...she might take you for a joke not daughter does that at times until she sees im not playing and remind hr that she has to be good not bad or else she gets in trouble...or a spanking. !5min time's normal children will try ur patients and kindness taking it for granted. Show her who's boss!!!
I agree that you should ask her doctor. It can't hurt and even though the problem may not be caused by something medical, your doc might be able to give you some good advice.
Has she had any Red Dye #40 before these episodes? My son CANNOT have red dye or he will flip just like you child. Try to notice what she eats before the episodes. She may have an artificial food dye, flavor, preservative sensitivity.

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