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annoying toys

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hello =) what do you think is the most annoying child's toy you would like to smash with a hammer ? have you ever "accidently" break some annoying toys from your child's ? ;-)

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My son got one of those hide-and-seek rabbits for Christmas from his grandparents.  (I didn't ask for it; they saw it and thought it would be cute.  Funnily enough, I'd seen it previously and thought the exact opposite.)  My son's indifferent, but the adults have decided that the thing is a Psycho Killer Bunny, because it keeps chanting, "I'M COMING TO GET YOUUUUUU" in a very sing-song voice, before it heads in the opposite direction.  It's also got a really scary laugh.  I have NO idea who thought marketing this to toddlers would be a good idea.
My grandma remembers breaking a toy drum my dad had on purpose and tossing it in the trash. He went to visit his grandma - her mother - and came home with a brand new one. I love when she tells this story!
My mother-in-law got my daughter an entire set of kid's musical instruments when she was three--drum, cymballs, kazoo, you name it--and I know she did it just to torture me. She said it was because my daughter was "too quiet." Well, I guess she felt she was curing that, and she did--until the instruments mysteriously went missing!
my husband bought this cheap $8 plastic wagon from the dollar store months ago. it's very poorly made, and entirely too small for my toddler to sit it in, but she still insists that she will fit. she usually gets stuck, and has a meltdown. the wheels keep coming off, and she has the grand idea of terrorizing the dogs with them. lol. it's actually quite comical, but i got sick of the thing, and threw it in the trash. we had to take away all her balls, because she figured out how to balance on them while holding on to the counter tops. i thought, "all it takes is for you to move the wrong way, and your going to bash your skull, or knock out teeth!" she has the fisher price piano that hooks up to the tv wirelessly and it teaches a whole slew of things like colors, numbers, shapes, letters, etc. it was a christmas present, and we thought she would love it. she has no interest in playing with it the traditional way. (banging on the keys, playing music) she turns the thing sideways, and puts her feet on the legs while rocking back and forth. i never understood that! or she will just carry it around the house. that's a waste of $45! funny thing about the hide and seek bunny, because she begged me for that after seeing it in walmart. i didn't think it was worth the $40, so i told her no. after reading that, i'm so glad that we didn't purchase it!

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