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Any ideas for a 3 year old little girls birthday party ..??

4 answers
My daughter is turning 3 and i want to throw her a party were her and her little friends can have fun..!! Does any one have any ideas like party favors ...?? party themes...?? Fun acctivites..??

answers (4)

try a princess theme. My little girl likes playing with dolls and she isn't even two yet. Or do a theme of what she is most interested in: teddy bears, bunnies, trains, etc.
they should be able to do musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey (make sure you use tape and not tacks.)
For my daughter's 1st birthday we did the Tinkerbell theme and her 2nd birthday we did Dora the Explorer. Both were great with the party hats, balloons and pinata. We also did goody bags.
Anything can be a party theme.  What does your daughter like to do?  What's her favorite movie?  Who's her favorite character?  Create a party around that.  (If it's a popular thing - like the Disney princesses - then chances are your local party store has plenty of gear for it already.)  Use colors common for that theme to decorate, find a few crafts that involve that theme (like make-your-own tiara with construction paper and glitter), and have the cake be in the shape of that theme (the oh-so-cliche princess cake with a barbie in the middle).    Just have fun with it - your daughter will love it no matter what you do.

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