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Any ideas on how to stop feeling puny?

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I'm approximately 10 weeks pregnant. My "morning sickness" is an all day occurance. I'm extremely tired & can literally stay in bed all day & sleep. Weakness, headaches, backaches, & temperatures up to 100.3 with 99.4 being the most often everyday. Tylenol does nothing for me though I've tried several times. Also, I've had to stop taking my allergy shots due to being pregnant & that sure makes matters worse. I took 3 shots a week along with prescriptions meds that the doctor has now taken me off of. I have absolutely no energy. I'm finding it extremely hard to do housework, cooking, my full-time job, & taking care of my other children. Sometimes I feel as though I could just collaspe from being weak. I want to feel better!!! Ideas please!

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I know when I was in my first trimester with my daughter I felt like I had been hit by a train. I was exhausted and every muscle ached.  You have a lot on your plate so it is understandable you will feel tired. When the first trimester is over you should get a boost of a little more energy. I would also have the dr check your iron to make sure it is not low. Also talk to the dr about your fever and if there is any type of allergy medicine that you could take.
I felt exactly the same way during my first pregnancy. I had horrible morning sickness for 6 months straight, couldn't eat anything and had no energy. There really isn't anything you can do about it, you just have to suffer through it. Get as much help as you can from other people. If you can have family, friends or neighbors whatch your kids for a little while or if you can have your husband help with some cleaning, go for it. My husband hates when I'm pregnant because I'm either exhausted or in some sort of pain, but he helps however he can.Look into some homeopathy for your allergies, most remedies are safe to use during pregnancy.

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