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Any ideas on menstration after pregnancy?

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I have tried looking it up as much as I can and I get different results. Some say 6 weeks some say up to a year. I have had around three I think since my daughter's birth last November. Lately I have been kinda feeling weird and I have attributed it to stress and possibly eating something bad. My last resort is that there is a small chance I may be pregnant again (definitely not planned). I am trying to make an appointment with my doctor however everything is booked lately (military doctors *rolls eyes*). Just wanted to see if anyone may have any ideas or suggestions while I am trying to get an appointment. I do plan to get a pregnancy test here soon to do an at home.

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It depends on a lot of things like whether or not you're breastfeeding exclusively, your weight and other things that may affect your hormones. Pregnancy is a big deal for your body hormonally. It's different for every woman. Definitely take a pregnancy test if you think you may be pregnant and if you are, don't freak out. My kids are 18 months apart because I got pregnant a little sooner than I'd planned. But, the closeness of their relationship is wonderful! Adding a second child is a lot of work no matter when you do it, doing it early doesn't automatically make it harder. And if you're not pregnant, you'll just need to see your doctor whenever you can get in.
So I took my test today, came back as negative. I can't really judge if it would be accurate or not since i can't even remember the last pregnancy but since it has been about a month since i have had any sex with my boyfriend/fiancee (it's complicated) i am giong to go with the chances that it is pretty accurate. since i have a day off tomorrow i am going to be calling the base hospital non stop to bug them and try and get in to see them. would be nice if the doc can try and figure it out. especially since i am almost the same age my mom was when she had to have a total hystorectamy (sp)

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