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Any meals that a toddler will eat?

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My daughter doesn't want to eat anyting and I will honestly tell you that I don't know what I'm doing, When it comes to being a mom I just try my best but she is my first kid, I have never had a 1 year old before. I don't know what to give her or what is better,She was easier to buy food for when she was small, my only prob is that she doesn't wanna eat what I make for me and samuel. She loves food and I never have a problem getting her to eatt,she doesn't like the food I make. What are some meals that babies like????????

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I have always had this prob, My kids don't wanna eat what I make.Just try to make sure she is getting fruits,vegatabes,whole grain,and dairy products. Just to give you an idea I will let you know what I give my kids. FOr breakfast, Oatmeal, It's healthy it's fast and my kids love it.  For lunch,  cubed cheese,fruit,organic chicken on rye. Lastly, Dinner, I normally try to get them to eat what I make for dinner but there are times when they won't so that's when I turn to dino nuggets and cheesy taters. But I usually make things like squash spoup, Sounds gross, but it's really good. V8 makes different soups and they are quick and delicious,My kids love all of them.As far as snacks goo, I like nature valley bars, there good and as healthy as a snack can get. You can also give her vegies and fruits.
What have you been feeding her? I never give my kids a choice. They either eat what I make, or they don't eat. They learned fairly quickly to eat least pick out what they did like from the meal. They didn't like being hungry. So, if I make pasta with chicken, squash, mushrooms, and bell peppers and they only pick out the pasta and squash, I'm fine with that.
If kids know there is a choice for something they know they like they are never going to eat what you make.I would make food and offer it to her. Kids will not let themselves starve. With my son who is now 14m I feed him what we are having and he eats most of it. He does not like potatoes and will usually squash them or throw them. I still give him a little bit. He does pick out what he likes then usually begs to have it off my plate. They will eat.My daughter who is 3 sometime wont eat well and she goes to bed without a good meal. That is life if she does not like the hungry feeling she will eat supper the next night.Also make sure you are not stuffing her up with snacks. I know it is tough because they may not eat a good lunch so you feed her a snack then at supper time she does not want to eat. With my 3 year old I rarely give her a snack after her nap because it messes with her eating supper.  My son eats any time any where right now so he gets whatever he wants.Make sure you are also always giving healthy options. Our pedi said look at the whole day and week not just one meal. If she does not eat much veggies at one meal try to balance that with a little more veggies for a snack or at the next meal.  So cooked veggies can be a great finger food for her. Carrots, brocoli, peas or whatever.
i have had the same problem with nearly 3 year old daughter for a while. up until around 2, she would eat anything you put in front of her. i have the same idea that vforventure and sjvanderwey have for their kids. if you become a short order cook, then she will learn that she's getting away with it, and will become more and more picky as the years pass. i think that children need to learn how to eat what is being served to them, and they shouldn't be given the endless option of a seperate meal because they don't "like" what has been cooked. with my daughter, i tell her to eat what is served or go hungry. however, i do understand that there are going to be things that she will not like, and so my rule is "you don't have to like it, but you do have to try it." if she doesn't like it, i will not make her a completely new meal. for example, if my husband and i are making chicken breast, pasta, and brussel sprouts, then i will substitute her brussel sprouts for brocolli or green beans so that she is still getting a veggie. if she refuses to eat anything on her plate, it goes in the fridge and she doesn't get anything else to eat until she eats most of what is on that plate. if she won't eat anything at dinner time, then i will give her 1/2 cup of milk before bed. nothing more. when i was a kid, i was told, "eat this, or go hungry." kids really don't need more than 2 snacks a day. one snack after breakfast, and before lunch, and one more after lunch before dinner. be sure that she's not filling up on too much juice and milk, also. for paisley, i give her a small cup of greek yogurt, a handfull of multi-grain cheerios, fresh fruit/veggies, or a handfull of wheat thin crackers for her snacks.
have you tried buddy fruits or the gerber and earth's best squeazable frut/veggies for toddlers? my daughter loves them. no preservatives, or added sugar, and most are organic. they're cheap too. buddy fruits are less than $1 a pack. i've even tried them myself, and i have to say they are yummy.

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