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any moms have advice??

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Ok I just had my second baby in december.. everything with delivery and everything went fine.. when it came to the postpartum bleeding I dealt with that off and on for about 6 weeks.. now my son is 8 1/2 weeks old.. this past week I started spotting one night and bled the next day then nothing for two days and then a little more spotting.. I guess my conern is why.. I am breastfeeding and with our daughter who is 19 months old I didnt start getting periods and stuff again for like 6 months.. could I be starting to cycle again already? and if that is it thats definitly not a "normal" period and I have always been normal before.. and if I could be starting to have cycles again could that be a sign that we could be expecting again with just the spotting.. oh I am so confused.. I am thinking that it couldnt have to do with the postpartum bleeding still.. but hoping.. we never used protection after our son because we both thought we were safe for awhile with the breastfeeding now I am worried and need some other input on what your throughts on the whole thing are..

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Wow that is a little confusing. My guess would be that your cycle is starting. Breastfeeding is not always a form of "birth control". Many women can still easily conceive while breast feeding. When I had my son I had the same postpartum bleeding for a few weeks and took a little over six months to start a cycle. But at my 6 wk check up the Dr. gave me a form of birth control pill that would not interfer with my nursing but would prevent another pregnancy. I would suggest going to the Dr to see what is happening just to be safe and ask about the pill that does not interfer with breast feeding

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