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Any safe ways I can induce my own labor?

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I'm 37 weeks, one centimeter dialated, and 50% effaced and I REALLY don't want to go the whole 40 weeks. I have been having strong Braxton Hicks right on top of each other for about 3 days now, but they don't hurt very much. It's really stressing me out. I've already lost my mucous plug and just wanted to know if there was anything that I could do at 37 weeks to get labor going so the baby and I won't be so stressed out.

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try having sex and walking alot..ur can drink casterol but some ppl say its not good for u..i think its fine, i have an aun who works at a womens hospital and she says its ok..all it does in give u diahrea and thats what induces labor
you can google it. . . ways to induce labor.! sorry im a google freak i google everything but my first instinct would be casterol oil it might taste disgusting but it will maybe induce you.
Walk alot, go on a bumpy car could also ask your doctor to induce you. I did that with my first daughter and my doc didnt have any problem with it. In fact it was easier on her because she was able to plan for it also.
You're only 37 weeks?  Wait it out.  I don't think you'll find a doctor willing to induce you this early just because you're tired of being pregnant.  If there's a medical issue, that's a different story.  Have you seen the visuals of how much brain growth occurs from 37-39 weeks?  Let the baby come on his/her own terms.  A couple weeks will go by fast.  Trust me, you won't really be.pregnant.FOREVER.
heres some things that might help ,sex,walking,warm baths,bouncing on a birthing ball,spicey food,castor oil, good luck! :)
the doctr told me if you want to induce labor is to have sex... and thats coming from a doctor
try accupuncture. there are special induction techniques that they use. it worked for both my friends. they had accupunture and two days later they went into labor.
My brother is a massage therapist. For mom's who do NOT want to induce labor during the later months, I know he absolutely avoids massaging their feet. I've read it several times, I've heard it several times, and know that in the field of massage, it is commonly known that foot massages can trigger early onset of labor. There are apparently nerve endings in the feet that are associated with labor. So, this would be a good time for your significant other to give you plenty of foot massages. Feels good, and it will likely help you too.

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