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any suggestions for a diefiant 4 year old. he only does it at school?

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i have twins that are 4. one is adjusting well to p-k 4 (half day) the other acts a fool . he doesnt do these things at home, or at the day care that picks him up since he is only going to school a half day. now we have recently moved him from his all day day care to a real school (aug 26) and the day care is a new as well. he is throwing chairs, standing on tables, running down the hall, telling the teacher no, refusing to sit down. he has positive people in his life, mom, dad, grandma, day care. he only acts out at school when he doesnt get his way. he wont accept redirection... HELP

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It sounds like he's just having trouble to the new school and daycare. It's normal for young children to become quite upset over these types of changes.If I were you I would do two things: sit down with his teacher to discuss some ways for both of you to handle this, and talk to your son about how this is affecting him. Kids throw tantrums and act out when they don't know the right words to express how they're feeling. Talk to your son, ask him what he likes about his new school and find out how he's feeling about the new changes. Explain to him why he had to change schools and talk up the new one, tell him all the good things about it. Once he's a little more enthusiastic about his new school explain how to behave properly there. 

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