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Any tips on a baby that spits up ALOT?!?!

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My baby is almost 4 months old and since he was a month old we have delt with him spitting up formula. It is not just a little amount he spits up a ton of formula for hours after he eats. From one feeding til the next he throws up non-stop. The laundry part I am fine with but it stinks that I have to expect to be covered in spit up if I hold my baby. The doctor said it was acid reflux and has put him on a med. and the meds help as far as the baby not being uncomfortable when he spits up. Has anyone else had this problem and did anything help?

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maybe change formulas
my daughter also spit up alot and had acid reflux so we changed her formula to Enfamil A R (added rice) and it helped tons.  Ask your doctor about it and maybe he will agree. At about 6 months she got better.  Good luck
My son had the same problem too. We contacted his doctor she had us switch to soy (only because we have a huge family history of lactose intollerance) and add 1 TBSP cereal to every 2 oz formula, helped a lot.
My daughter did the same.I agree with the switching to the soy and the rice cereal that is what the doctor did and it helped.
You can add regular Gerber rice cereal to formula to see if it helps also.  We did that.  Be aware you may have to change the nipples on your bottles because the rice is so much thicker.  One perk too is it helps the baby stay full longer- so they tend to sleep a little better.  One other thing we did was have our son sleep on a Nap Nanny.  The incline helped him SO much, I think it literally saved my sanity.  Hang in there!
I breastfed my daughter but she spit up a lot, too. She was never diagnosed with relux, but I used a homeopathic remedy called Tummy Upset by Newton Homeopathics. It worked wonders!
My son also had these issues. And was put on the med. The meds is to help with the uncomfortableness, so it's doing it's job, it does not stop or changes the puking. One thing is not to add cereal to bottles. You can change formulas to a "thickening" one as that's suppose to help, as my doc said. I was nursing so I couldn't try it. Once your babe's on more solid foods the spitting up should decrease. (as it did with my son) An other thing that can help, not that it did with mine, is to have the in an upright position for about 45 minutes after eating. But do talk to your doctor about the issue and about lactose intolent as well as cow's protein allergy. If you are thinking of switching formulas talk to your doctor as well cause if it is an allergy of some sort there's no need to spend money on trying different formulas if they all will have the same effect. And as some specialized formulas can be more expensive you should find out if your child needs or can benefit from it first. Best of luck and it's true it will get better.
My daughter had this same problem. Switching to soy took care of it. She is lactose intolerant to this day.Lori
My little guy, whos now 4, had that problem. But to the point that he had lost 4 pounds in 2 days! So we went to a GI doctor after trying all the medicines that was on the market, and changing formulas to the soy ones. Which smell awful when they're spit up! Our GI doctor told us to allow 2 ounces every 2 hours, and slowly increase as he gets better. That helped a tad, not to much, and also to switch him to table food at 7 months, that was really the only sure way he'd keep any formula down. And right when he was turning 1, cuz he had some issues with his poop being like water outta nowhere, he scheduled us an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. They checked for celiac, which is an intolerance to wheat, gluten, rye, and barely. And they also checked him for a lactose intolerance. The lactose intolerance came back positive, but not the celiac, which in 1 out of 10 children they go hand in hand. I hoped this helped!
If they are losing weight then that's a strong sign that points to allergy. If your baby is still gaining weight and being consistent in growth then usually there's no concern. Always bring up these concerns to your doctor as they can monitor them more closely.


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