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Any tips for switching to sippy cup?

2 answers
We have many times to get him to try the sippy cup and he just refuses. We have tried juice, water and formula. Any tips?

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my 19 mos. old has been off the bottle since he was 11 mos. old My trick- take all the bottles out of the house!! put them in a sealed box and dont give him a choice.. He has to drink sometime!! let him learn to drink from his sippys... He's gonna make spills .. let him he'll leanre how
i agree with theLfamily, don't give him a choice. throw away all the bottles. AND DONT GIVE THEM BACK! he's going to get thirsty enough eventually and won't have a choice but to drink from a cup. i offered a cup at 6 months, and by 7 months my daughter was a pro with one. i took the bottle away at 10 months, and never looked back. you have to set some limits at some point or you are going to be one of those ignorant mothers posting ?'s on how to get a 2 yr old off a bottle.

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