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Any tricks for helping a 4 month old cough up mucous?

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My 4 month old has been battling allergies and colds for the last month. Her doctor said there is nothing he really recommends giving her since she is so young. I run a cool mist vaporizor at night while she sleeps. In the morning I have her sit it her bouncy seat in the bathroom while I take a hot shower so she can breathe in the steam. She coughs occasionally to try to get that nasty stuff up but sometimes she coughs so hard she spits up. Any home remedies I haven't tried that could work for my poor baby?

answers (10)

well if you get a boogers sucker and suck the mucas out of her throught it should help
lots of back-patting will help loosen it, & patting while she's actually coughing will give the cough more oomph. also, avoid giving her any more dairy than she requires to be healthy, as it contributes to mucus.
Ugh my daughter had the same problem when she was smaller ...!! I would give her some chamomile tea sweatend with some honey warm in her bottle ...!!  and i would put some baby vaporub in her chest and this would work charms for me it would clear her throught..!! well good luck ...!! 
Continue to let her hang out with you in the shower. Also pat her as she coughs. The vapor rub is great on the chest, but also put it on her feet with socks over. My midwife told me this and has worked wonders on my son!
Oh my gosh! Vapor rub! How could I forget that! I guess I'm making a pit stop on my way hoe tonight. Also, I have tried to suction it out of her throat but she just gags :( i have been suctioning her nose, and she hates that as well but at least it doesn't make her sick. Whenever she coughs I lean her forward so and pat her back. I asked them to do the same at daycare to help her spit it out when she coughs, so I hope they are trying to do that today. There is a sub in the room today and I'm not sure she is up to the task..she seemed a little green.
be careful with the vapor rub. you only need to use a teeny tiny amount. lay her over your knees, and cup your hand while you pat her on the back. flip her over, and do the same with her chest. that will break up the congestion, and help her cough up the mucus.
Please don't give tea & honey to a 4 month old as listed above - it is very dangerous as honey cannot be given to babies!  They do make a baby vapor rub - Babies R Us sells it.  Also try saline nasal spray - it thins the mucus so it can be more easily suctioned (and the thin mucus can be easily digested if swallowed).
Never ever give an infant honey! Raw or pasteurized there tiny stomachs cant break it down and it will rot in their tummy and they could die its been proven dangerous and recommended not to give children under 3 honey. Look it up if you don't believe me. my daughter has had this exact same problem and is actually coughing flem as I write this. Try a warm bath for her baby vapor is good but if you're looking for a home remedy try this ( it sounds awful I know but I promise it works) cut up half an onion and boil it then soak a rag in it and lay it on the babys chest for half an hour every four hours it will pull all the mucus right out of the chest if the mucus is just stuck in the throat and back nasal canal try peppermint and lemon on a dry rag just set around their throat for a few minutes (be careful and always watch your baby and don't wrap it all the way around their neck thats kinda common sense but gotta cover my bases) Im so sorry your baby is sick its no fun listening them try to breathe and know you cant just snap your fingers and make it go away good luck
Yeah I wasn't too sure about the honey never heard that at such a young age? My baby is sick too and a vapor humidifier works wonders I put that on and suction her nose and she falls straight to sleep :)
Honey in infants causes botulism.

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