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Anyone else still throwing up at almost 39 weeks??

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The last few days I've just been feeling miserable. Woke up at 3 and had to throw up. I do have some back pain off and on... This is my second pregnancy(first was twin girls) and was induced at 37 weeks last time. So this is new to me... Baby is head down and every time he moves hurts like mad on my cervix. Every time I've been checked I'm only at 2cm... Just curious if anyone else is feeling like this, or it's just because it's a boy. =) Thank you!

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I had a friend who threw up for the entire pregnancy (both times) and they were both girls.  I don't think your baby's sex has anything to do with it (I'm on boy #3 and haven't ever had that happen).  You may have eaten something he didn't like or may be coming down with something.  Give your doctor a call and let them know.  Good luck!
My mom threw up the whole time she was pregnant with me, including while she was haing me. I think morning sickness affects everyone differently. I am working on my third girl and I personally prefered my pregnancy with my son. It wasn't anywhere near as hard on my body as this girl has been. I don't think the sex of the baby has anything to do with it. I would call and let the dr know what is going on just in case. They might want you to come in to make sure you aren't in labor. Good luck! :)

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