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Anyone else suffering from 'less than perfect' syndrome?

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I love my little emails from, that tell me where I am at with my pregnancy every week. I really do, I am not being sarcastic at all. But honestly, sometimes they make me feel a little bad. Like this week's said 'if your mom, sis, friends, etc. can't be with you to help you maintain your home for at least the first five days, consider hiring a nurse or doula'. Sounds great, doesn't it? When I got preggo, we were very financially secure. With the poor economy, now we aren't, (to say the least) since my DH's company downsized him out. We make do, but we are a family of five living on $1000 per month now. I am having to use (but NOT abuse) limited public assistance resources. My meager insurance does not cover ANYTHING like live-in nurse's or $500 strollers, and I am due to have my baby in 7 short weeks. I know that many people can still afford such luxuries, but I think MOST families are more like us, trying to get by until our situation improves. This is my first child, I want her to have everything, but can only afford the basic necessities. It breaks my heart that I can't afford the 'best of the best' for my baby. C'mon,, how about an article or email with tips like 'how to make the most for your baby on a very limited income'? I love the site and mag in general, but it would be nice to expand your horizons to help people of ALL incomes. No one likes feeling 'less than'. Honestly, stuff like that makes me feel like crap. :(

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you need to stop worrying about what everyone else is going to be thinking when they look at you and your baby. the baby is not going to know the difference between a $500 stroller and a $20 one. nor will they give a rat's ass about it. the only thing that your baby wants is love, attention, and affection. if you are low on cash, then start checking out consignment stores, and yard sales. my husband and i live paycheck to paycheck. our 20 month old daughter rides around in a blue plaid stroller. certainly not my top choice, but it works. we picked it up a yard sale for $15. the lady that sold it to us said she payed over $200 for it. pricey baby gear is a waste of money, anyways. as fast as they grow, you are better off hunting for bargains.

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