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anyone got any tips for dealing with this nausea??

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i'm miserable all day every day and i just want it to stop! lol. anyone have any tips?

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try to drink as much water as u can! im 20 wks and just now starting to come out of all of the morning sickness! its horrible i know i was in the hospital for 3 days because of it! My Dr. told me to not focus on food as much he even put me on the B.R.A.T diet which were a lot of bland foods but I had to drink more water !
Lots of ginger ale and crackers,thats all that wpuld help me when I was pregnant.
I had morning sickness with both my girls and nothing helped it. I jsut had to suffer through until it went away. With my first (1st pregnancy) I ate what I could, which was very little, and slept most of the time. With my second girl (3rd and current pregnancy) I had to sip sodas, water made me sick, and eat crackers and cookies. I tried to eat what I could but nothing made my stomach feel better.
thanks guys(: i heard sucking on those little peppermints help, do you guys know if thats true?
I have been eating salty crackers and drinking alot of water. Peppermints should help because it takes the taste of anything else out your mouth. Im going to try it too..:)

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