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Anyone had a Vbac after more than 2 cesareans?

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Me and my hubby are trying for #4, and I would like to be able to deliver the way god intended. With my first my water broke and after 24 hours with little progress the doctor said the risk of infection was increasing and I should just have a c-section. With my second daughter I attempted a TOL, which I thought was being rushed by the doctor. SHe had me come in 2 weeks before my due date and broke my water. After about 16 hours with little progress (3cm) she decided the trial was over. Needless to say my 3rd was a scheduled c-section with no attempt at labor. It has been 3 and a half years since my last child and I would like to give it one more shot. Just wandering if anyone has attempted or successfully completed a VBAC after more than 2 c-sections? Thanks

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It's going to depend on your medical history and how you've healed. Talk to your doctor, maybe even talk to a different ob, about your options this time around. In situations like this every case is different. What someone else went through probably won't have any bearing on what your chances are.

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