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Anyone have experience with Risperdal?

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My 4 year old daughter is severely autistic, and after meeting with a psychiatric nurse today, I have been informed that Risperdal is probably what the doctor will prescribe for her. She has extreme violent outbursts and meltdowns, mild hallucinations, aggression, cruelty towards animals and her 19 month old sister, etc. The doctors appt will not be until Nov, and I have been instructed to try homeopathic remedies until then. I have ordered Passion Flower Extract and we are just waiting for it to arrive. It's supposed to be helpful in treating Autistm, ADHD, GAD, and insomnia. I certainly don't like the idea of my 4 year old on an anti-psychotic, but understand that if becomes necessary, I will agree to it. I'm not concerned about the possible increase in appetite or weight-gain, as she is a twig and the pickiest eater I've ever seen. Does anyone have experience with this particular medicine for a child this young? I was under the impression that it could not be given to kids under 5, but the nurse told me it's been newly FDA approved for kids as young as 3 in liquid form.

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Your best bet is going to be finding support groups online. There's really no one but me answering questions here these days.

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