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Anyone out there pregnant while on Azathioprine?

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After years of thinking another baby was out of the question a chance conversation with my doctor has opened up the opportunity to my husband and I again. I have Ulcerative Colitis and have been on Azathioprine for several years, in remission for over 4. There is a lot of information, good and bad out there on the internet but my doctor is confident about the dosage I am on not being a deterrant to my getting pregnant. I've gone through a lot of emotions and my husband and I talked it through over the last 2 months. We have decided to go ahead with trying to have another baby. I am looking for advice or experience sharing from anyone who has gone through pregnancy while on Azathioprine. Anyone out there?

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Personally, I wouldn't get pregnant while taking any kind of medication. I'm far too paranoid. There are so many stories and class action law suits from women who took a prescription medication their doctor assured them was safe that ended up causing birth defects. It's not a risk I could take. I only take a half dose of Tylenol if it's absolutely necessary. But, like I said, I'm overly paranoid about things like this.

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