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Are boppy pillows really all that?

8 answers
I plan on breastfeeding my little girl and would like to know if a nursing pillow is a real need or just another frilly accessory.

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Yes! I loved my boppy. It was a must have on my list, nursing is hard enough, splurge a little and get one. Target has good sales on them too, so you just keep your eye out. They are really versatile, when I wasn't nursing comfortably with it, I would lay a blanket over it and let my daughter sit, propped up in it on the floor. She loved it. You can also buy multiple covers for it, and they are easy to wash so if it gets dirty (and it will) you can easily take the cover off and throw it in the wash and dryer. Good luck, breastfeeding really is an amazing thing. Especially after you make it through the first few weeks.
YES!!!!! I love my boppy! I also breast fed and it makes it much more comfortable for you and the baby. It is also great for them to sit propped up in it when they are a little bigger and great for a little tummy time when they get older. Get it, you won't be disappointed. 
I use mine to prop my daughter up on the floor for playtime. When she was only a few days old I layed her across the boppy and she fit perfectly! I got to paint my nails and toe nails on my bed while baby watched.
Yes I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its great for breastfeeding
I never used one but by the sounds of it, they are great. I've seen pictures of babies cuddled in them and they always look happy as can be.
i did not breastfeed, i used formula, and never used a bobby. i didn't see the point on paying $30 on it. u could just get a neck pillow that works the same way. that's what i used for tummy time. i know there are women out there that swear by them. i'm 9 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, and i still don't plan on using one.
I didn't plan on using one, but a friend highly recommended it, so I got one. I loved it when my baby was small and I was still figuring out breastfeeding, but once he got to be about 3 or 4 months old, it started to get in the way. I don't think I would need it for the next babies. My husband still uses it for bottle feeding, though.
I was able to breastfeed my son for 9 months and used this all the time. Great for multi-tasking.  He could eat and I could eat and I did not even need to hold the pillow.  I took it everywhere with me and found that having 2 extra covers worked best.  Well worth the money.  When I was done using it for breast feeding / tummy time I put it on the changing table to help support his head so he would not squirm around so much when changing his diaper.  Love love loved it.

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