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are my pregnancy symptoms bad, or just abnormal?!

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im 19 wks, just starting my 2nd trimester and i'v had a great pregnancy so far, my ? is.. is it to good?.. i havent got sick, no serious cravings, i havent felt the baby yet, my doctor has said everythings growing fine (uterus wise), heartbeat is normal.. im wondering if having such an "unheard of" pregnancy is everything ok developmently wise, ive olny had 1 sono at 9 wks. i'd appreciate any feedback other than my doctors, and husbands.. thanks!

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First, congrats on a healthy pregnancy!!!  Second, no morning sickness, no cravings those are both normal.  Some people never experience morning sickness and some people throw up for 9 months straight.  With my first, I had it for about 2 months and then was done.  With my second I had it for 4 weeks.  This little guy, my 3rd, I had it for 5 months.  Every person and every pregnancy is different - that is an important thing to remember.  No cravings?  No biggie, some people never have them.  My husband is so mad that we've almost made it through 3 pregnancies and he's never gotten to be the knight on the horse going to whataburger or wherever at 2 am.  You may develop some a little later, but it's normal for you for this pregnancy.  Also, if you are developing fine, heart beat normal, your bp normal then for you to only have 1 sonogram is right.  You'll have another one in a few weeks (between 20-22 weeks) to measure the baby's length, make sure all vital organs are developing properly and look for any abnormalities - they'll also do gender screening then.  With my 1st, I had sonograms every 2 weeks and was on contraction monitors as well as bed rest for 12 weeks.  With my 2nd I had 2 ultrasounds, no issues, no real cravings and it was really like my pregnancy was just another day.  They are all so different.  Be thankful (not that you aren't) for the wonderful and healthy pregnancy you have because some of the alternatives really suck.  Enjoy not having some of the worries other moms had and do have.  Go on some date nights since you are about to forgo them for a while and enjoy!  Everything sounds great and your pregnancy is not unheard of, it's a blessing!  :)
You're just lucky! Like lissimel said, be thankful! My first I lived in hell for 9 months. This once, I didn't even know I was pregnant for almost 4 months, because I had no symptoms!!!! I didn't gain a pound, felt great, lots of energy! Each pregnancy is different, just be happy and enjoy your confort. No matter how lucky you are, the last bit won't be comfy!
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i had an easy pregnancy as well but i did crave ALOT congrats!!
No morning sickness or as I like to call it "ALL day sickness"  or cravings is totally normal.  You have likely felt the baby move but just don't realize it, but even if you haven't that is totally fine too.  I was nearing 30 weeks before I really felt my little one move.  Early on those little movements feel like butterflies or like someone blowing bubbles in your stomach. 

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