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Are these just Braxton Hicks????

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The moment i got out of bed this morning, i started having really intense braxton hicks contractions. No pain or anything, just really strong. My stomach gets really really hard. I laid down for a little bit and they stopped, but as soon as i got up they immediately started up again. And it's been that way all day. Now my whole left side is aching really bad. Could it be back labor? I'm trying to put off calling my doctor till in the morning since i don't really think he'll do anything for me.

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My dr always tells me if you can change what you are doing, like when you lay back down, and it makes them stop then they are just Braxton Hicks. Another thing they always say is to drink a lot of water and take some Tylenol. I guess they think that covers all the bases. How far along are you? I would think with as bad as yours are that it could change into labor if you push it. So I would take it easy and try to keep the baby in unless you are close to your due date. Good luck and hope this helped! :)
you should just take it easy,and it would be a good idea to call up your doctor in the morning to just run it by him/her just to know that everything is ok.
mommyofzoo.. i'm 36 weeks
You should be fine. I've had that a lot those in the past few weeks. I would just change the position I was in or what I was doing. If anything I would tough it out for a bit and just walk around. It helped me a lot. I also would take a nice warm shower and it would help my muscles in my sides and stomach. My doc said to not really worry about it til it's a sharp pain and they're about 5 minutes apart. There's not a lot they can do if it's only Braxton Hicks. It's just your body's way of preparing for contractions. Just relax as much as you can. 

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