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are these pregnancy symptoms?

2 answers
my period was 5 days late and it finally came, for the first day it was very heavy then it was like it wasn't even there off and on, im on day 2 now of it and its doing the same thing, i usually have a consistant heavy period that lasts up to 8 days. There is the possibility i may be pregnant, I've been hungry non-stop, I have painful lower back pain, I have been feeling slightly ill (but not throwing up), and last night my boyfriend and i were just watching tv and I just started crying out of no where? haha so what do all of you think?

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i know it's exciting to think you're pregnant, but you really have to be more patient. it's hard to tell this early on if you're pregnant. but if you're really worried, go to your gynocologist. if you're not pregnant, something is definitely disrupting your cycle. if you are, you need to find out why you're bleeding.
thanks i think im am just getting overly excited because we've just decided we're ready and wanted to try...

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