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Are you tired of covering your child's eyes and ears frm T.V. & radio?

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I don't know about you but it seems I can't turn on the T.V. or the radio these days without the fear of my baby being polluted!I don't even turn it on anymore.What happened to the good ol days? There are some solutions out there ,though.We do alot of reading.I also take the time to search for shows and music that is appropriate for my children.I want to share one with you.I just found this and love it.These are two mom's taking matters into their own hands.The song is called Electric Baby doll By Major Minors.SOOOOOO FRESH AND SOOOOO CLEAN! This is a must have>I got mine on iTunes but I think you can get it at any digital retailer and hear it for FREE. Way 2 go Mom's (General Supa Dupa and Rock C Hook)

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First of all, babies shouldn't really be watching tv. Second, as long as you make sure you're watching child appropriate shows and channels there isn't any worry of them seeing or hearing inappropriate things. And using an iPod in the car is better than listening to the radio.

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